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Bedtime Stories

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Skeeter Bronson is a down-on-his-luck guy who's always telling bedtime stories to his niece and nephew. But his life is turned upside down when the fantastical stories he makes up for entertainment inexplicably turn into reality. Can a bewildered Skeeter manage his own unruly fantasies now that the outrageous characters and situations from his mind have morphed into actual people and events?

Title : Bedtime Stories

Year : 2008

Runtime : 99

Release Dates: 2008-12-25


Actors :

Adam SandlerasSkeeter Bronson
Keri RussellasJill
Guy PearceasKendall
Courteney CoxasWendy
Lucy LawlessasAspen
Teresa PalmerasViolet
Russell BrandasMickey
Aisha TylerasDonna Hynde
Kathryn JoostenasMrs. Dixon
Carmen ElectraasHot Girl
Jonathan PryceasMarty Bronson
Richard GriffithsasBarry Nottingham
Jonathan Morgan HeitasPatrick
Laura Ann KeslingasBobbi
Nick SwardsonasEngineer
Allen CovertasFerrari Guy
Tim HerlihyasYoung Barry Nottingham
Thomas HoffmanasYoung Skeeter
Abigail DroegerasYoung Wendy
Melany MitchellasYoung Mrs. Dixon
Andrew CollinsasYoung Mr. Dixon
Julia Lea WolovasHokey Pokey Woman
Dana GoodmanasHokey Pokey Woman
Sarah G. BuxtonasHokey Pokey Woman
Catherine KwongasHokey Pokey Woman
Lindsey AlleyasHokey Pokey Woman
Blake ClarkasBiker
Bill RomanowskiasBiker
Paul DooleyasHot Dog Vendor
Johntae LipscombasBirthday Party Kid
Mikey PostasAngry Dwarf
Sebastian SaracenoasGremlin Driver
Seth HowardasCubby the Home Depot Guy
Jackie SandlerasLady Jacqueline
Sadie SandlerasSweetest Medieval Girl of All Time
Valerie GervickasasTeacher
Debbie Lee CarringtonasBooing Goblin
Billy TylerasBig Hairy Guy on Beach
Lorna ScottasSecretary
Annalise BassoasTricia Sparks
Shu Lan TuanasLuau Waitress
Jonathan LoughranasParty Guest
Robert HarveyasParty Guest
Mike AndrellaasTruck Driver
J.D. DonarumaasNottingham Pool Waiter
Jon SchuelerasNobleman
Denverly GrantasLady at Fountain
Rob SchneiderasChief Running Mouth / Pickpocket
JT AlexanderasPedestrian (uncredited)
Nahid AzamiasProtesting Mom (uncredited)
Veronica BennettasGreek Goddess (uncredited)
Pete BrownasClaudius Falisimus (uncredited)
Amanda BurrillasJogger (uncredited)
Gina CantrellasWest Side Story Showgirl #2 (uncredited)
Betsy HammerasTambourine Player Medieval Band (uncredited)
Taylor HardickasStudent (uncredited)
Nick HermzasPaparazzi (uncredited)
Rodrick HershasRabbi (uncredited)
Austin HonakerasA Spaceball (uncredited)
Mark HunterasDaft Alien (uncredited)
Dani JacobyasWestern Girl (uncredited)
Danni KatzasParty Girl (uncredited)
Alina KaufmanasParty Guest (uncredited)
Waymond LeeasColiseum / Space Station Vendor (uncredited)
Heather MorrisasDancer (uncredited)
Louis RiviereasRoman Peasant (uncredited)
Nicole SciaccaasDamn Yankees Girl (uncredited)
Arne StarrasNottingham Employee / Senator / Cowboy / Spaceman (uncredited)
Alex TylerasShowgirl (uncredited)
Kevin VyceasBusinessman #1 (uncredited)
Brian WallerasRecord Producer (uncredited)
Shawna WesleyasGreek Goddess (uncredited)

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