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The Rise

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Battered, bruised and under arrest, Harvey Denton (Luke Treadaway) sits in a police interview room facing interrogation. Clutching a stack of eyewitness statements, Detective Inspector West (Timothy Spall) has no doubt in Harvey's part in a foiled robbery, and his subsequent attempted murder of local businessman Steven Roper. Denying everything, Harvey agrees to tell his version of events in full. We take in his release from prison a month earlier, and the malevolent, unjust act that put him in there. We see his emotional reunion with his sibling-like best friends, and the immovable loyalty they have for one another. We see the rekindling of a lost love, a second chance for two people meant for each other. We see the ingenious planning of the ill-fated robbery, the amazing twist, the shocking outcome and the real driving force behind it - retribution. What unfolds is an exhilerating, moving and hilarious story of loyalty, jealousy, friendship, revenge and the pursuit of happiness.

Title : The Rise

Year : 2012

Runtime : 106

Release Dates: 2012-09-09


Actors :

Luke Treadawayas
Timothy Spallas
Matthew Lewisas
Iwan RheonasDempsey
Neil Maskellas
Vanessa Kirbyas
Gerard Kearnsas

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Watch The Rise Stream Online Megavideo. I went to the cinema with quite low expectations due to the trailer. However after watching this film I was amazed by the outcome. There was so much thrilling tense action, at one point I was on the edge of my seat.


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